For 7 years Fairtransport has been shipping cargo over the ocean by wind power alone. Fairtransport currently operates 2 sail cargo vessels; Tres Hombres and Nordlys. Tres Hombres ship is an engineless Brigantine of 35m with a cargo capacity of 35 tonnes. Tres Hombres trades throughout the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. Nordlys is a Ketch rigged Brixham trawler of 25m and is possibly the world’s oldest cargo ship (1873) still in operation. Originally built as a fishing trawler, nowadays she is capable of shipping 30 tons and trades throughout European Coastal waters. Both the ships operational costs are financed through an innovative mixed model of revenue; from transporting cargo and from providing a sail training experience. The next step will see Fairtransport increase their fleet by building a 60m bespoke Clippership.

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